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15- 5- 21 By Admin
Saturday 15th May 18:24

Many changes are being currently underway in the background. Though it may not be added to Game News!
-We are currently changing the entire killing system. You should see changes being made on it during the next few days. Be aware that in the meantime the killing may be unstable.
-Changes are also being made to the login page interface and game header.

Thank you for your valued support and patience!

6/11/2021 By KaosPryncess
Tuesday 11th May 16:43

There has been a few updates made you may have noticed.
-Gift codes have been added. So be on the look out for those.
-A log book as been added. You can now see your recent and past events.
-The regeneration of will and energy will now be 10% of your energy/will
every 10 minutes as oppose to 1 point per 2 minute.
-Respect has been added for gangs. It may not be used for now but you
will notice it. It will play a role in future gang related updates.

6-5-21 By Admin
Friday 7th May 02:51

Server security has been improved
Server speed has been improved
You can now highlight anything in game and tweet it
Once you write something in game you no longer will lose it on accidental refresh
Warning for cookie use has been added

Despite this already being in Terms and Conditions i would like to remind that the user of malicious software, injections, auto clickers, or any type of attack against the game will lead to account ban or ip ban from the server.

Have fun!

5 - 5 -21 By Admin
Wednesday 5th May 16:22

Crack The Safe has been rebuilt
Homes have been added

Update maint 5th may By Admin
Wednesday 5th May 04:10

May 5th around 7pm EST the server will be down for an update this shouldnt take longer then 10 minutes, although unexpected errors may occur. Thank you

1-5-21 By Admin
Sunday 2nd May 15:04

Sidekicks have been added, they will assist you in battle!

27 - 4 - 21 By Admin
Wednesday 28th April 02:24

Users will no longer keep their gang business when leaving their gangs or getting kicked
Users with permission to buy more businesses are able to see who owns what business inside their gang
Error on user kick has been fixed.

25-4-21 By Admin
Sunday 25th April 21:12

Added daily login rewards
Added medical items

23-4-21 By Admin
Saturday 24th April 03:09

Smuggle module readjusted

21 - 4 -21 By Admin
Wednesday 21st April 20:00

-Fixed jobs bug and added it,
-Fixed Garage car images
-Added car damage to be shown
-Added main logo to redirect to loggedin page

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